San Diego Vertimax Speed Training

Dominate The Court With VertiMax Basketball Training

If you are looking to elevate your performance on and off the basketball court, VertiMax patented band technology in VertiMax Platforms is the best system you can use to improve your vertical jump, your on court defensive performance, your blow bye first step quickness, and more. Because VertiMax is trusted and relied on by leading NBA stars, collegiate teams, and high school and youth basketball players, the Get Better Hoops team also trains our family the same because VertiMax equipment works. 

Basketball requires specific skill-set and muscles that must be executed and triggered while moving at a high speed and when changing directions. Successful basketball players possess high levels of strength, power, and agility while maintaining the endurance needed for long games. Training regularly on VertiMax systems will help you reach your personal perfomace goals.